Parent Participation

Parent ParticipationSlippery Fish is a vibrant and exciting school for our children and is also a wonderful community of families and parents. We all collectively contribute our time, talents, ideas and resources to preserve the quality and safety of our school, while also working to expand the stimulating environment in which we all learn. Parent participation is a cornerstone of our cooperative preschool. Each family in our community shares the responsibilities and partners with the other families to ensure the administration, operations and regular tasks that make our school run are addressed and fulfilled. Our parent participation requirements reflect the commitment we have made to support each other and keep our wonderful school running and improving. This participation fosters our relationships across programs, helps enrich our educational curriculum and ensures that we all can make use of and benefit from the offerings that membership at Slippery Fish Co-op brings.


Slippery Fish Parent Participation Requirements

• Fulfill a family co-op job throughout the year devoting at least one hour weekly outside of regular teaching shifts

• Complete all scheduled classroom teaching shifts

• Arrive on time for Teaching and Standby shifts and stay through entirety of shifts

• Complete two Community Service events at Info sessions, Deep Dives, Deep Cleans or other outreach events

• Attend all monthly Parent Meetings

• Fulfill program food requirements (Minnows and Goldfish only)

• Fulfill one maternity or family leave teaching shift or equivalent annually

• Arrive on time for pick up

• Co-host one Parent Meeting annually

Throughout each year there are many opportunities to fulfill these requirements from swapping shifts to make a family vacation happen, teaching in a classroom outside of your program to cover maternity shift, attending one of our monthly Deep Cleans, and answering questions to prospective parents at an Info Session and more. They are all essential to our school and community. The board Vice Presidents also act as resources and representatives for our membership to the board. Board Vice Presidents address concerns, improve policies and enhance families' experience and contributions. Finally, there are policies and a monetary deposit that help ensure fair completion of requirements by all members. Full explanation of these are found in our Parent Guide.

Consistent parent participation is essential to our school functioning, but it also endeavors to ensure that we hard-working parents can get as much out of the parent education resources, classroom experience and other benefits that Slippery Fish strives so hard to provide. Our families' strengths, commitment and dedication makes our cooperative community an exemplary and valuable experience for every family who joins us.